Words of Wisdom: Reality Check

The siblings find something else to do after being banned from the master bedroom on a recent Sunday.

Athena has been wrestling with some bad dream issues lately and will request an escort to get something from a darkened room, for example. So on a recent weekend morning after all three kiddies were ordered out of our bed for kicking each other and not respecting our Sunday morning relax-in-bed time, I lay there with a hot compress on my sore neck and overheard the following exchange between Athena (who I assumed made an unsolicited announcement about something scary while the boys play with their cars in the front room):

X: Monsters are not in this world

T: Yeah, they’re fake

A: (silence)

Parental lesson learned: Don’t be afraid to sternly send the kiddies away when they need some tough love. What was it Sting once said? If you love someone, set them free to play with their cars while you tend to your sore back. They worked it out by bonding over their toys and we all review the situation shortly afterwards when the dust settles.


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