Yankees 5-Pitch League

It’s a whole new level of fatherhood watching your 8-year-old play on his first organized sports team. While words cannot describe the immense satisfaction watching him enjoying himself and then actually playing well, I think the real sense of pride is in seeing that athletic ability take shape. Leading up to Troy joining the “5-Pitch” rec league, we had practiced a bit of hitting and throwing. I would pitch a soft rubber ball that he took swings at with a toy bat and then we’d switch it up, so it’s nice to see our backyard playtime translate into noticeable skills. And bonus for dad: I’ve been a Yankee fan since childhood so it was ironic to see his assigned team with the interlocking “NY” on their uniforms.  A nice little precursor to Little League, the 5-Pitch league fosters sportsmanship, team camaraderie, fundamentals and a general feel-good atmosphere for players and parents alike – a great entree into team sports for everyone involved.


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