Food for Thought: RockSugar

RockSugar Entrance

Surrounded by the Pink Taco, the recently opened The Counter and Gulfstream in the northwest corner of Westfield Century City, the beautifully-appointed RockSugar was Irene’s choice to celebrate her day-before-Mother’s-Day lunch with our clan. You can sense you’re in for a special dining experience from the moment you walk through the cavernous entry hall and approach the hostess stand.

“What’s that big cabinet for?” Athena asked pointing at an oversized armoire adjacent to the reception area. The answer to that question would be revealed later when we received a “claim check” from the server and instructed to pick up our leftovers (neatly packed in a retail store-like bag with a number tied to the handle) that were waiting behind the armoire’s doors.

Once inside RockSugar, we were seated at a circular table on a 1,850-square-foot outside patio, where the kiddies were immediately taken with the waterwall screen directly behind us (the 7,500 square feet of indoor space has an equally cool vibe with its booths, bench-seating, Burmese Buddha statues and gold leaf-overlaid columns).

Miss A Loves Her Cast Iron Pot

Complimentary rice crackers with toasted sesame seeds were set down on the table as we perused the menu. It didn’t take long for an appetizing Pan Asian selection to catch our eyes: Irene went for the Green Curry Chicken ($13) served in a cast iron pot complete with handle that included a stew of eggplant, chayote, sugar snap peas, Thai basil and Jasmine rice, and to drink: a Mojito-like Lime-Mint Squash ($4.50) to drink; I had the Vietnamese Short Rib Sandwich with Seasoned Fries ($13.50); the boys shared the Thai Glaze Sliders ($14) and fries; and Miss A dug into a noodle offering of rice vermicelli on a bed of chopped lettuce, cucumbers, julienned pickled carrots topped with thin slices of short rib meat, egg roll-style pieces of Imperial Roll and roasted peanuts ($12). And the Yuzu Lemon Crush beverages were right up their lemonade-loving alleys.

RockSugar was definitely the perfect special occasion setting.

*SIDE NOTE: RockSugar gets its name from small rectangular sugar rocks — a milder version of sugar cubes that impart a slightly sweet flavor into the glazes on many of the restaurant’s dishes.


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  1. I am now starving, thank you. Mr. T looks like he’s doing some business deal on his PDA in the background! The cast iron pot Miss A has looks scrumptious! I have never been to RS but will definitely go now.

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