Father’s Day Breakfast of Champions

SUNDAY JUNE 17, 8:12 AM — “Papa, do you want your gifts in bed with your breakfast or out there?” asked Xander pointing to the living room.

Father’s Day Breakfast in Bed

Very itinerary-oriented, these kids.

In bed, of course, I replied, and then, right on the heels of my answer appeared the well-thought-out tray with coffee, juice, rye toast, 6 strips of bacon (3 for me and 1 each for T, A & X, I was promptly told), a banana, an orange, and a bowl of Spiderberry cereal with green lizard villain marshmallows. Mmmm, Father’s Day breakfast of champions!

A gift bag with all their school-made cards/drawings/good-behavior certificates was set aside as we chatted over our breakfast spread. The level of their enthusiasm for the occasion was exceeded only by the amount of sheer love I felt for them in that moment — a genuine proud-Dad moment.

Homemade Gifts and Cards!

“When I finish eating, can I watch anything I want? Like SportsCenter?” I queried.

To which Xander quickly shot back: “Anything EXCEPT for that.”

Realizing that I was probably pushing my Father’s Day privileges a bit too far, I decided to just hang in bed with the kiddies a little longer and soak up some more quality fatherhood time.

Dads Kicking It.


2 responses

  1. Happy Father’s Day Darrel! LOVE your blog — it keeps me up-to-date on your gorgeous family!

  2. Hope it was a great day for you, Spike!!! Sure sounds like it!!! My niece and nephews have the best dad in the books, as far as I’m concerned!!! Luv u lots!!!

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