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Pic of the Week: Loving Lacrosse

Troy and his shadow pose for a photo op during a break in the action at lacrosse practice.


Very Happy Hours

Enjoying a grande cerveza at Oscar’s Cerveteca – Venice, CA

While the cat’s away, the mice will play, or in this case I suppose it would be the other way around: while the mice are away the cats will play. Or, to get to the parallel, while the kiddies are sleeping over at abuelita’s y abuelo’s house two nights a week for the three weeks of summer school in the valley with their cousins Aiden and Corrine, the parents will utilize the quality me-time hitting some relaxing local Happy Hours — you know, those places you always drive by on the way to this swim class or that lacrosse practice and never really get the chance to pop in and check out.

Ford’s Filling Station – Culver City, CA

First up at the top of the month was a great little neighborhood place about a mile or so right down our street just WEST of Lincoln Boulevard called Oscar’s Cerveteca. Kicking back at a cocktail table on their outdoor front patio, we enjoyed a couple of craft beers, and for me, an additional 32-ounce bottle of Carta Blanca that was kept chilled in an ice bucket. The Happy Hour food was fun and good pairings for our $3 cervezas  — two chicken empanadas ($4) for Irene and an L.A. Street Dogg ($5) for me, basically a bacon-wrapped hot dog with jalapenos, grilled onions, tomatoes and mayonnaise. By the time we left, the place had filled up and was buzzing like a Friday evening, not the Monday it was.

The following week we headed EAST to Ford’s Filling Station in Culver City. We had had dinner at Ben Ford’s (son of Harrison Ford) previous restaurant in Beverly Hills but not yet gotten around to visiting this gastropub in the heart of the Sony Studios district. It’s a great Happy Hour bar scene here as well: Irene had an amazing heirloom tomato salad with fresh burrata, toasted hazelnuts and chickpea puree ($13) and a Racer 5 IPA (happy hour drafts are $4) while I opted for a half dozen kumamoto oysters with tomato jam vinaigrette ($2.50 each) and a Ford’s Pale Ale.

For our third outing, we headed NORTH from our house up to the Daily Pint on Pico, a local beer joint we’ve been to for a nightcap after various dinner occasions. This night we just wanted a quick after-work brew so stopped in for a Boddington’s (me) and Guinness (Irene).

Small plates at Waterloo & City – Mar Vista, CA

Rounding out the compass during our July Happy Hour run, we took a short ride SOUTH of home to Waterloo & City on Washington Boulevard — yet another winner with its festive happy hour and top-notch bar food. Irene and I shared a trio of dishes at the bar including an artisanal cheese plate ($6), hand-cut pasta with wild mushrooms and parmesan ($7), and oysters with a mignonette sauce ($7). As is probably evident by now, we love the small plates! Happy Hour is from 4 to 7 p.m. with beer, wine and cocktail specials priced at $4, $5 and $7 respectively.

So there you have it. We look forward to The Happy Hour Summer Tour 2013!

Pic(s) of the Week: Ready for the Summer Olympics

Xander learns to swim!


This is a tidbit about a little something I think I’m going to start calling KOCD. Though it sounds like the call letters of a radio station, it stands for Kiddie Obssessive Compulsive Disorder.

Before settling in to bed, Troy lines up his Angry Bird toys on one side of his upper bunk; on the other side, small stuffed dogs are assigned a particular order. Then Miss A will ask me if I remembered to take her sweater and some other article of clothing that I can’t remember out from the minivan the night before and put them back in her room where they belong. On the second to last day of pre-school, five minutes before leaving the house, Xander leisurely arranges his Pez dispenser collection (so he can head out the house with peace of mind?)

Hmmmm, makes you wonder. Is it learned behavior from seeing Mom and Dad constantly picking up and organizing stuff?

“Xander c’mon bud, we gotta head out for school.”

(Here’s where the OCD story takes a brief detour into, “Man-kids-have-short-attention-spans” territory.)

So he comes out of his room and shows me that he just found a plastic holster accessory that goes with his Pirates of the Caribbean Blackbeard figure. Then he makes a beeline for his backpack and proceeds to empty the contents of the front compartment (3 superhero figures), sighing in acknowledgment that, yes, his work is done here.

When we finally make it out the door, he asks if he can pick a small avocado from our backyard tree on the way to the garage (No), hops into the car and breaks into a line from LMFAO’s “Party Rock” – “Everyday I’m shuff-a-lin!”

What’s the point to all this? Parents wind up getting so disjointed from all this KOCD/short attention span business that we lose sight of the crucial, big-picture items: like almost pulling out of the garage without that travel coffee mug that was set down on a storage shelf.

Pic(s) of the Week: Backyard Weenie Roast

Xander and Tio Mario enjoy a roasted weenie on the July 3 backyard campsite.

Tio Mario’s fire pit reaches a roaring conflagration!

Pic(s) of the Week: Fashionable July 4


The Fine Art of Mermaids

While her brothers exhibit more of their left-brain traits (language, numbers), Miss A has been showing us that the first letter of her name stands for more than just Athena – as in “Artist.” Not that she isn’t verbal or that things don’t add up for her as easily, just that she draws a mean mermaid and can be seen creating something with her crayons or markers at any given time.

On that note, I’ll stop babbling on about her art skills and let a few of her creations do the talking.