This is a tidbit about a little something I think I’m going to start calling KOCD. Though it sounds like the call letters of a radio station, it stands for Kiddie Obssessive Compulsive Disorder.

Before settling in to bed, Troy lines up his Angry Bird toys on one side of his upper bunk; on the other side, small stuffed dogs are assigned a particular order. Then Miss A will ask me if I remembered to take her sweater and some other article of clothing that I can’t remember out from the minivan the night before and put them back in her room where they belong. On the second to last day of pre-school, five minutes before leaving the house, Xander leisurely arranges his Pez dispenser collection (so he can head out the house with peace of mind?)

Hmmmm, makes you wonder. Is it learned behavior from seeing Mom and Dad constantly picking up and organizing stuff?

“Xander c’mon bud, we gotta head out for school.”

(Here’s where the OCD story takes a brief detour into, “Man-kids-have-short-attention-spans” territory.)

So he comes out of his room and shows me that he just found a plastic holster accessory that goes with his Pirates of the Caribbean Blackbeard figure. Then he makes a beeline for his backpack and proceeds to empty the contents of the front compartment (3 superhero figures), sighing in acknowledgment that, yes, his work is done here.

When we finally make it out the door, he asks if he can pick a small avocado from our backyard tree on the way to the garage (No), hops into the car and breaks into a line from LMFAO’s “Party Rock” – “Everyday I’m shuff-a-lin!”

What’s the point to all this? Parents wind up getting so disjointed from all this KOCD/short attention span business that we lose sight of the crucial, big-picture items: like almost pulling out of the garage without that travel coffee mug that was set down on a storage shelf.


2 responses

  1. At least the travel coffee mug wasn’t on TOP of the car…but if it was I believe Xander, Troy and/or Athena would have told you!

  2. And I’m sure you’d be right about that! Your comment made me laugh out loud so thought I’d reply to your reply and let you know!

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