S.F. Roadtrip: 5 Days, 4 Sidebars

1. At Sheba’s place after dinner, Troy was putting on his pajamas and said to me, “I’m sad, our vacation is half over. Surprising even myself, I served up this negative/positive thinking analogy on the spur of the moment: “Troy, when a glass is filled halfway with lemonade, do you see the glass as half-full or half-empty?” “Half empty,” he replied. “Well there’s another, more positive way of looking at that,” I told him. “It can also be seen as being half FULL, meaning that we still have HALF the vacation left, which is good.” “OHHHHH, I see,” he said. Gotta love when you can trigger that lightbulb moment….

297 laps less than the conductor’s average day

2. In San Mateo’s Central Park, the kiddies had just finished their third revolution on a miniature train ride when I had one of those “gotta-know” journalist thoughts so I took my inquiry to the conductor who sat on the locomotive for each lap. His answer: on an average day, he makes 300 trips around the track, with a high of 1,000 times on Easter.

3. Shortly afterwards while eating our lunch at North Beach Pizza, Miss A looks up from her salad and asks me about the physical aspects of the growing process. For the next 10 minutes, my explanations of “You can’t actually see yourself growing,” to the more scientific “We grow in our sleep” were met with comments like “I don’t understand” and why-did-I-even-ask stares. I may not have shed much light on the topic, but it was a very cute, vacation-y repartee.

“Man it was way cooler in those underground wine caves! Over 100 degrees outside.”

4. At the J. Lohr winery, a woman came up to me and asked how DO we get the kiddies to sit so nicely in a corner of the tasting room while Irene and I partake. I replied that half the battle is simply setting them up with the individual devices (Irene’s iPhone and iPad and my Android). The other 50%, I said somewhat pompously, was good parenting/discipline. Yes, that is how it is done my good woman, and everyone went back to their respective wine buzzes.


4 responses

  1. When I was 8 yrs old I asked my Dad how slow he could count….I’m 35 now and he’s at 9 I believe….

  2. Great photos great comments. I am glad you guys have a happy vacation.

    Mr V

  3. Spike! Do you remember, almost 30 years ago, when Jim Wright’s 4-year-old daughter wanted to tell you a joke? She told you to say hi to your knee. You did, she laughed, you laughed and the look on your face was priceless. That’s when I knew you were gonna be a great Dad someday. And, having met your kiddies and read this blog, you proved me right. Keep up the great work.

  4. Hey Sweety! How could I forget that exchange?! It ranks right up there with “A round of snaps” and doing impressions of Dick Benfield! Thanks for the very kind fatherhood praise.

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