Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

You may now kiss….your hair goodbye…..

For some reason, my hair (or lack thereof) is a running topic of conversation with the kiddies. While assembling three school lunches one morning, I listened to an Algonquin roundtable discussion about how Irene and I look different in the wedding photo they see hanging on our bedroom wall. Their little breakfast chat quickly veered into a thought-provoking analysis about how much less hair I have 14 years later. Faster than a four-year old can say “follicle,” Xander had bounded away from his Cheerios to offer a general overview of my recent haircuts.

X:  Your hair gets cut, but it doesn’t really come back.

Me: Well, after you turn 40, it grows but just not as much as before 40 (except if you’re my dad, who at 80 still has a full shock of white Fonzie Fonzarelli-style hair). My bright idea was to give Xander a reasonable far-off age number so he wouldn’t have to freak out about his own hair growing back sufficiently every time he gets a trim.

Yep, there may be less vinyl on this guy’s car roof but the engine is still hitting on all cylinders. That is, the brain is still sharp — still able to tap into its deductive reasoning skills….or perhaps it’s just the sporadic Rogaine applications seeping in…..


7 responses

  1. Love this! And love your kiddies!! xoxo

  2. You crack me up!!! Xander has Daddee’s hair gene for sure!!!

  3. Has he ever seen a pic of you from your Record days?

    1. No, but feel free to send me any you might have in your private collection!

  4. Hysterical!!!!! Any comment on Irene’s bangs in that picture???? Are we even sure it’s the two of you???

    1. Hey Hey! I might just have to post a pic of your table from the reception!

  5. What is up with that curly-q on me??

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