Birthday & Brews

Mrs. V takes a sip of Irene’s marzen to toast her birthday.

Irene chugs a marzen.

What to do for Nila’s birthday outing? Tea and TJ Maxx? Nope, make that an outdoor beer garden and rock n roll! And we have the pictures to prove that she partied like a rock star!

An open-air restaurant/brew house in downtown El Segundo, Rock & Brews was the setting for the birthday senora’s recent celebration. R&B has a nice selection of draughts and equally consistent food. Mrs. V. and Irene ordered the Turkey Burger ($10.95); Mr. V had Al’s Asian Spicy Wings ($10.95) and couldn’t stop raving about them; and I went with the more traditional Oktoberfest offering called Rockin Brauts – a brautwurst on a bun with grilled peppers, onions and sauerkraut ($9.95).

To get the festivities rocking and rolling, we all shared the Giant Soft German Pretzel, a hot, buttery piece of appetizer heaven with spicy mustard and/or warm cheese sauce with caramelized onions on the side (a tad pricey at $8.95;  $2.95 extra for the side sauce). From the kids’ menu, Troy, Athena and Xander had a cheeseburger and fries, corn dog, and pizza, respectively.

Mr. V raises his marzen while I double my pleasure with a large Paulaner.

That’s right, bring the kiddies because one of the nicest aspects of the place is the play area, where you can keep an eye on the little ones from your picnic table seating. There are a bunch of TVs throughout the restaurant, making it a great spot to catch your favorite sports broadcast.

Capping things off, our excellent server brought Mrs. V. a complimentary hunk of bread pudding with sliced strawberries that was shared by big and small partiers alike. The three adult Valverdes could hardly contain their excitement being gifted with one of their favorite desserts of all time.


6 responses

  1. Nila looks like a pro!

    1. She did herself proud, despite being under the watchful eye of Florence Nightingale…

  2. Love the first pic w/ Miss Athena watching over Mrs. V. So cute and responsible.
    p.s. I really wanted to try this place out until I heard about the play area for kids. #lifewithoutkids haha.

    1. That p.s. is going to cost you two drinks when we get together for my b-day next month, Mandy! 😉

      1. Your kids would be well behaved at Spago – they are such culinary pros. That said, I will bring lots of vino for our bday family play date! Can’t wait!

  3. Sounds like a great bday for Mrs. V. and looks like everyone enjoyed themselves!!!

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