Xander is at that cute age where he’ll ask one of those humorous questions that only a 5-year-old can pose or just spout an entertainingly random thought.  Here are but a handful of his latest quotables from left field:

  • When I’m a grandpa, will [pet turtle] Crush still be alive?
  • Are you going on the freeway? I hate the freeway because there’s no trees and no sidewalks
  • What if everything was made of cotton candy? I’d eat EVERYTHING!
  • Papa, don’t drink too much coffee or it will make you little!
  • What are chemicals? (and then, just moments later, looking up at the restaurant door we were sitting near) … Does that say “EXIT”?
  • When you get old, can I … (pause) … When I’m an adult … (phew! This is about HIM, not about ME being an old guy!) … can I have the [garage] remote? (HUH?! I guess he meant I won’t be needing it when he’s old enough to drive himself to school!)

You can’t make this stuff up….


3 responses

  1. Xander has always been at an adorable age!

  2. I wish I could remember those remarks from the girls, when they were little……I love reading ur blogs!!!

  3. Awww, Mr. X – so sweet as always! My fave is the one about the freeway. So true!

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