Food for Thought: Cafe Gratitude, Venice


Gratitude_Miss A1

Miss A dives into the kale

“Hey, how about we get some soup?” I said to Athena as we drove past Cafe Gratitude in Venice on a drizzly Sunday afternoon. After she quickly concurred, I was grateful for the parking space right across the street and even more grateful for the father-daughter time I was about to spend at this organic dining spot right down the road from our house (Irene was with the boys at a birthday party). We opted for the counter to check out all the culinary action and Athena was in heaven from the moment she jumped up on her stool smoothies being whipped up here, raw specialties being handed through the pass over there (creamy hemp seed pasta, anyone?).

“Why don’t we share a little soup and a crunchy snack?” I suggested, to which Miss A agreed once more. Crunchy was easy: the kiddies have been on a kale kick recently and the “Starters” section of the menu had an offering called: “I AM VIVACIOUS” ($8) – live marinated kale chips served with a choice of dipping sauce (we chose the garlic-tahini over the spicy nacho). We also ordered the hot soup of the day ($7.50) – celery root topped with crème fraiche and scallions (the cold soup on the menu was a butternut squash and Miss A had some trouble processing why soup would be anything other than hot). The menu also offers organic beers, wine, tea and coffee, and cold-pressed juices and “elixirs.” Breakfast is served weekdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. (weekends till 3 p.m.) and there’s a great communal table at the west end of the dining room.

When our server handed us the bill (clipped to a clothespin with the words YOU ARE ABSOLUTE on it), Miss A asked about the staff’s v-neck t-shirts with the “L” and “O” on the right front shoulder and the “E” on the left, with the actual v-neck completing the message. So bohemian.

Great spirit, great food and grateful for a local spot like Gratitude.


2 responses

  1. Okay – you guys are the best! What a charming post!

  2. I agree with miss athena…soup is best served hot! Miss you guys!

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