Any Time is Pizza Time

I’m Gonna Wreck that Breakfast Pizza!

I like my role as family line cook / overseer of most things culinary, but planning and making up to 13 sack lunches a week will start to wear on you. That’s a main, a side and up to three snacks (salty item, sweet item, fruit) per Superhero/Kitty lunch bag. And let’s not forget the hastily-slapped-together sandwich for my own lunch.

I recently came to grips with the scale of the whole food prep deal this past weekend when Troy requested my infamous breakfast pizza. I hadn’t yet printed up the daily specials but I guess I could take the occasional request. (is room service on the horizon?) Hey, it was a Sunday so I wasn’t rushing around making a trio of lunches, might as well put on my sous chef hat, right? Pan-fried Italian salami, eggs and cheese on a crispy corn tortilla and sliced into triangles with a pizza cutter = happy, obedient kiddies (for the following hour at least).

In two short hours they would be inquiring about what was being served for lunch. Pepperoni pizza anyone? Three hours after that, I knew exactly what to make for dinner: a reservation.


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