Words of Wisdom: Lotto & Car Covers

One Ticket to Paradise!

I purchase the occasional lottery ticket and always wondered if the kiddies wondered what that little orange ticket was for. Finally, the question came so I explained that I’m trying to win so I can retire early and take the family to live on a tropical island. Knowing full well that the lottery conversation wasn’t closed, Miss A shot back: “Oh that would be good; I wish that ‘LAND would have no school.”

“And I could help you win that because I’m good at Bingo!” Troy chimed in.

We were planning to go out to dinner that night so Miss A concluded with: “There would be restaurants in that ‘LAND just for us!”

Sounds good to me!

While we’re on the subject, think I’ll close with a pair of Xander-isms. Looking out the car window as we cruised a local boulevard, X posed: “Why is this: why do some cars have bags over them?” and is there a big enough bag to put our minivan in?

Me: “Don’t need a bag, Mr. X, because we have a garage.”

X:  “Oh…..”

Xander on the nuclear family: “I’m not gonna have kids,” then after rethinking his stance, “I’m gonna have 2 kids because 3 is too much work.” Moments later: “What if you had 10 kids?”

Me: “You’d need to buy a lot of food”

X: “We have a lot of food”


2 responses

  1. Those kiddies are so smart!! Love you guys!!

  2. Ahhhhh from the mouths of babes! True wisdom!

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