Field of Dreams (& Tomatoes)

It was a weekend of two Spring pasttimes: First Mr. X made his t-ball debut with the little Pirates followed by T’s opening day game with his new team — the minor league Mets, who defeated the Reds 4-0 on opening day of the Mar Vista Recreation League baseball season.

The next day, Miss A attended her favorite event of the year — Ocean View Farms Tomato-bration!

X at batT&X baseball

Miss A_Tomatobration


4 responses

  1. Go Pirates and Mets!!!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend!!! Tia Lisa luvs you all!!!

  3. Ah, how I do love the boys of summer!! And thank God T gets to be a Met!!! YAY!!

    1. ;)….yep, pretty funny that he went from being a Yankee to that OTHER N.Y. team…..and my request for a #2 jersey didn’t even work out so we took #1! X has #4 (the t-ball games are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen)

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