Stage Dad

Living in Los Angeles, you’re bound to have at least one brush with show biz, and it happened recently with Miss A and Mr. X.  It wasn’t the Disney Channel who came a knockin’ (though they could no doubt pull ratings with their own show, “Miss A & the X –Factor”) but a gig as extras in a children’s video called “Be Brave” by Brian the Brave.
Is it too late to ditch the journalism and become a stage dad so they can reap the benefits of the entertainment industry and help sow the necessary funds for their college educations – that is the question. Yep, sounds good on paper but baby steps I guess, so their intro into the biz will have to be an appearance in this Nick Jr.-esque music video.
The shoot took place in my neighbor Michael’s garage (it was his friend Brian Nelsen who was making the video for his alter-ego character’s web site) complete with green screen, cinematography and wardrobe. There was even an adjacent green room with kiddie craft service where the little extras were summoned from when it was time for their scene to be shot!
It was after the 46th loop of the “Be Brave” chorus when I had a flashback to the early ’90s when I first moved to L.A. and was part of a concert scene on a George Michael video shoot and heard the song “Freedom!” about 87 times. Snapping back to reality on the “Be Brave” set, A & X were clearly enjoying themselves, waving their hands in the air and being brave while my stage dad aspirations waned stage right.

"Be Brave" video - deleted scene

“Be Brave” video – deleted scene

After the shoot, a sweaty X lay pooped on the green screen floor. Could he even endure the rigors of a career as a Disney kid? I was exhausted just looking at him. Perhaps a Travel Channel show about the kiddies would suit everyone much better. “On the next Leisure Lippmans, Mr. X scopes out the 10 Best Beaches with Wifi so he can keep his Skylanders skills sharp while he’s on the go!”

2 responses

  1. Jimmy Gormley | Reply

    Not only are A and X the stars of this video, you describe this shoot in a unique and hilarious way! Your flashback to the early ’90s and George Michael’s “Freedom” – just classic.

  2. I love the video, i think Athena was the big star!

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