Pic(s) of the Week: Mustache Party!

There’s nothing more fun on a Friday night than an impromptu Mustache Party! Miss A chose “The Rogue” (upside down), “X” looked positively swarthy in “The Bandit” and “T” went all silent film with his pose in “The Charlie Chaplin.” In the group shot, I donned “The Scoundrel” while Miss A and Mr. X modeled “The Smarty” and “the Party Boy” respectively. We’re not exactly sure where Irene was during the madness but we probably would’ve made her sport a full Tony Stark goatee….





3 responses

  1. I love this! Miss you guys!

  2. The Bandit looks so natural in his!!

  3. I love the trio and the mustache thinker.

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