Newlywed Niece

The beautiful brideAfter returning from last weekend’s road trip to Nevada, I just couldn’t let what happened in Vegas stay in Vegas. The bride  my niece Jessica – was so stunning on her wedding day and the reception at Mandalay Bay was such a winning celebration that I’m compelled to post my additional kudos for a job well done!

 And since Jess and her husband Chris live in Florida, their big day was an even bigger logistical feat to pull off. Right down to the mustache-, eyeglasses-, hats- and lips-on-a-stick party favors, the evening fete at Border Grill was a deliciously fun and intimately rousing time!  


Here’s to a happy ever after to the happy couple!

hair_makeup visit

The kiddies visit Jess during hair & makeup

Jessica_Mandalay Bay nuptuals

Cocktail reception time!



3 responses

  1. What a gorgeous woman in a gorgeous dress! And love looks good on her, too! Thanks for sharing, Darrel. Even though I don’t know Jessica, this post just made me happy. A wonderful celebration, summer, love, the works! Congratulations Jessica and Chris!

  2. This made chris and I smile! Chris has inquired about whether or not he will be called tio chris? Haha we love you so much!

  3. I think I may cry!!! Can you send to me in a PDF like last time, so I can print it???

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