Can You Handle the Tooth?

The look on Miss A’s face when there was no money in the circular plastic container that held a baby incisor tooth at the bottom of her toothbrush. Heart wrenching.

MissAtooth“She didn’t come,” Athena said, tears welling up over the Tooth Fairy no-show. “Maybe she’s not real.”

So I did what any self-respecting parent would do. I spun a yarn to keep the fantasy alive just one more year (I think Troy stopped believing at 7 – that or they really do know and go along with the ruse just to keep the coins coming in).

But back to the moral dilemma at hand. Who was I to shatter a 6-year-old girl’s belief in one of the biggest icons of the fantasy world? She’s still at the age where she adores all the Disney princesses and I had to come up with something on the spot!

“Oh man, I think I know what happened!” I said. “We put the tooth under that second SIDE pillow on your bed, right? But it probably has to be under your HEAD pillow so I think we accidentally confused the Tooth Fairy and she went on to the next house! Let’s try again tonight with just the one pillow and give her a chance to correct her oversight!”

A tad elaborate, yes, but I could tell Miss A was buying it. That is until she did what the average child does — ran off to get a second opinion. Yep, that’s when we had to consider Mom’s conflicting story: The tooth fairy probably just had the night off because it was a Saturday. Not bad, but not as deviously creative as my theory.

The main thing is that Miss A had enough info to weigh until the issue was fixed on Sunday night. Case closed until the next baby tooth starts wiggling and the tooth fairy issue comes back to bite us in the arse.


2 responses

  1. That was a great story about the Tooth Fairy. Athena was probably very happy that the fairy showed up on Sunday night.

  2. Oh my gosh! So creative on the spot 🙂 I love her to pieces!

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