Tooth Fairy, Pt. Twooth


Just as I predicted, incisor No. 2 came back to haunt us. We KNEW it was under Miss A’s pillow. We KNEW we had screwed up incisor No. 1 a little over a week earlier and forgot to deliver the coins overnight. And then this second tooth falls out the day before the first day of school and Irene and I are distracted by the mounds of paperwork to fill out that needed to be returned to school the next day. So naturally we forget about the tooth once more!

“Papa, she didn’t come again!” announced Athena that next morning. Though there were no tears this time, I knew just what I had to do to correct it – keep the fantasy alive at all costs! That meant excusing myself to the restroom to concoct the following note:

“Dear Athena,
So sorry but I ran out of money; I will come back tomorrow.
–The Tooth Fairy”

I mean, I went as far as enhancing this little letter with some fancy flourishes that I believed a tooth fairy’s cursive might have such as curly cues on the appropriate letters! Hey, when concocting, go all in, am I right? I draped the note over her headboard and when she discovered it 10 minutes later, her reaction confirmed my actions: “She really does exist, look at this!” she said with delight.

“Man, are you kidding me? Let me see that! You must’ve missed it when you woke up!” I said.

Then she ran back to her room to find a safe place for her special note. Just a little harmless perpetuation of a classic myth, right?


3 responses

  1. Classic….please tell me you didn’t forget again!!

  2. That story is so adorable! I am laughing, how many of us parents forgot the tooth fairy right ? What a quick save on your part and the curly cursive! HERO!

  3. Don’t let your kiddies read your blogs…….At least not until they are out of kiddie myths stage….LOL!!!

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