Xander-isms Keep Coming in 2014

Just when you thought he couldn’t top his previous high-larious little quips, X starts off the new year with a pair of quotables that begged to be shared.

Xander PianoJAN. X-ISM: This one took place at his weekly piano lesson, where the teacher (who looks like Santa Claus in street clothes) was trying to draw a parallel between the pitfalls of not practicing regularly and not remembering some of what you learned in school following the holiday break that was currently in its final week. “You’ll be shocked at how much you may have forgotten when you go back to school next week,” piano teacher Kris Kringle said. To which Mr. X replied, “I’m getting a shot tomorrow!” As I smiled, Mr. Kringle looked confused. He obviously had no idea that Mr. X would be getting a flu shot the next day and had simply fixated on the word “shocked.”

FEB. X-ISM: On the drive to school one recent morning, I announced that instead of going to the office I would be attending a trade show that day. “So you have to sing Trade Show& dance?” asked X, who naturally equates all “shows” with the seasonal productions that we watch the kiddies in at their elementary school…

In the words of the hack stand-up comedian character Kenny Banya from “Seinfeld” — comedy gold!


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  1. So adorable. I love that little guy!!

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