Food for Thought: ink.sack

InkSack sandwich

We had just come off a sushi/tapas family love fest the previous night so I figured why not continue showing the Valentine’s amore with a 2/15 lunch splurge at “ink.sack,” Season 6 Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio’s gourmet sandwich shop located a few doors down from his  flagship “ink.” spot (get it? inkspot!) on Melrose.

The five sandwiches of choice in our black paper sack tagged with my name in neon silver marker were a banh mi (traditional Vietnamese sandwich comprised of pork butt, pork belly, chicharrones, pickled vegetables and onion spread) for banh-me(haha!), turkey melt for Troy, TAXatInkSackegg salad for Athena, pastrami for Xander and the Jose Andres (a.k.a. “The Spanish Godfather” with Serrano ham, chorizo and manchego) for Irene, which she promptly traded with Mr. X when he changed his mind about the pastrami. The swap segued into one of my favorite pasttimes: sampling each other’s choices (all very satisfying); between bites, the kiddies scrawled artwork on the chalkboard walls from their counter stools.

Most sandwiches range in price from $5-$7 and are nicely packed with their respective ingredients on a quality mini roll. We also grabbed a bag of house-made Maryland crab chips and the pork rinds ($3 each) making for a nice affordable bite out. We will definitely be heading back so we can try five more offerings, including the spicy tuna, cold fried chicken, gravlax, cubano and classic BLT sandwiches. Or will we be in the mood for the reuben, tuna, turkey club, corned beef & egg and tortilla espanola? Either way, the sampling will be savory!


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  1. Wow! I already have dinner but this reading make me hungry. I hope weeto and weeta can go with you guys nextime.

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