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Food for Thought: Wurstkuche

Wurstkuche KiddiesAs a dog lover – the kind on a bun, not on a leash – I’m on board instantly when a place touts the tagline “Purveyor of Exotic Grilled Sausages.” Throw in a German beer garden atmosphere that is actually kid-friendly and I’m SO on board!

Housed in an indiscreet brick building on Lincoln Boulevard in Venice only a mile or so from our house, Wurstkuche was a great spot for a recent weekend lunch outing. Upon entering the automatic sliding door, patrons are immediately greeted by a refrigerated sausage case with offerings such as sun dried tomato & mozzarella from its “Gourmet” section, and rattlesnake & rabbit under “Exotics.” There are also “Classics” like bratwurst and a few vegetarian selections. Certainly don’t forget the extraordinary “double-dipped” Belgian Fries, served with a variety of kicked-up condiment sauces (we picked the pesto mayo and curry ketchup) at 75 cents per. The beer selection is extensive and always served in a style-appropriate glass.

Wurstkuche_dining areaAfter ordering/paying, you take your drinks and red metallic number stand down a hallway to the dining area and choose a table, where the food is delivered by the waitstaff. Passing through the main room, with its communal tables surrounded by perimeter seating, we parked ourselves on an adjoining enclosed patio that was a bit brighter.

Tables are equipped with a variety of mustards in large squeeze bottles, and the kiddies were given sheaths of table-top paper and crayons to keep them busy while Irene and I sipped on our Spaten Pils. My only qualm about the food was that the buns are a bit oversized for most of the sausages. Otherwise, we’ll be back here again faster than you can say Prost!