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A pair of “-isms” & line symmetry

Miss A tomatoesMiss A recently got into the Xander-ism game with a pearl of her own when she asked where my company was based. After telling her it was PA, she asked (in what seemed like a serious tone), “Do they make a lot of pencils in Pennsylvania?” All that was missing after that inquiry was the rim shot …

Mister X astronautNext up, the creator of the Xander-ism, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. X! This nugget actually has an extra layer to it because it began with a curiosity and ended with a related item a couple of weeks later. Interestingly enough, Xander’s question was also about my line of work. But first he guessed, “Are you a commander?” That struck the ’ol funny bone! Editor/Commander, pretty similar, albeit the former certainly not as glamorous a title! Soon after, that question would make more sense when we found out that his Kindergarten end-of-semester open house had a NASA-planetary theme to it and he was given the title of Commander to lead his little space crew. Commander Xander, indeed!Mister T symmetry

Finally, among a school year’s worth of projects on display in Mr. T’s 4th grade classroom was a wall of “Line Symmetry” art, where each student took one half of an image and drew the other matching half. I was very impressed with this: