Mini Master Chefs


WS_burger   As avid watchers of Master Chef Junior, the kiddies jumped at the chance to check out their first Junior Chefs Class at Williams Sonoma — a free Saturday morning series for the mini-cook set. Irene and I have attended the WS Sunday morning techniques classes so we knew Troy, Athena and Xander would enjoy this hands-on version for children.
   They often play sous chef to Irene and I at home so our mini-chefs-in-the-making were already armed with some basics when they walked into their first class (baking basics).
   The next week while Mr. X and I were at his rec basketball league, Troy and Miss A were back at WS for more – this class all about burgers. It was especially nice to see Athena put her new culinary knowledge to work the very next night when she made sliders for the family – spicing her beef with a burger seasoning that Irene had brought back from a recent work trip to Austin. Miss A formed her own patties and created the topping mix of lettuce, tomato, pickles and havarti (don’t forget to press the middle of the burger so it doesn’t bloat up, advised chef Tiffany).
   Tiffany was also the instructor for the Sunday adults class that covered comfort foods and the burger I sampled may have been the best one of my life – a grass-fed angus beef bacon cheeseburger that was stacked so high that I could barely open up wide enough (her homemade meat and vegetarian pizzas were equally impressive).
   If Gordon Ramsay were judging the food coming out of these techniques classes, he almost certainly would deliver his signature line every time: “That’s delicious!”



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  1. I love that group of chefs

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