Winter T-A-X Games

Troy, second from left, then X and Miss A

But aren’t we supposed to wear the skis?! Pictured second from left is Troy, then X and Miss A

Miss A shows off for the instructor

Miss A shows off for the instructor

Troy gets ready for his first lesson

Troy gets ready for his first lesson

    With the right coast in a deep freeze, it seems like the appropriate time to post about our recent ski weekend getaway here in California. Okay so the kiddies weren’t exactly being introduced to the sport in sub-zero weather but we were on a decent mountain (Mt. Baldy, elevation 7,000 feet, about an hour from L.A.) with chair lifts, lodge and a ski school (it also has a popular tubing park).

    To collect the equipment included in the child lesson package that I had purchased on the Mt. Baldy site, we all rode the ski lift to the initial jumping-off point (the chair lift was like an amusement park ride for them, though they all experienced some trepidation whenever it stopped abruptly). Once in their boots and skis, the instructor led a group of the little novices over to a small hill and started on the basics. Irene and I watched from the sidelines and when the lesson was over, I was able to spend some additional time giving some pointers from my illustrious 30+ year career as an intermediate skier!
    I can remember how hungry skiing always made me, so we were prepared with pre-lunch snacks followed by an al fresco lunch of burgers, hot dogs and chicken tenders at Top of the Notch Restaurant with its sweeping views of the L.A. basin. Then it was back down the mountain and back to the hotel to chill before deciding where our dinner spot would be. We had been to Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga (just a couple miles from the hotel) for a delicious meal at King’s Fish House the previous night and decided to head back to the outdoor shopping complex for night #2. Feeling a bit more casual, we hit the food hall for Mongolian BBQ and Mediterranean cuisine.
    Watching the kiddies learning how to ski was great but perhaps even better is the quality time spent in the room just hanging with the famiglia, doing stuff like applying temporary tattoos to each other, playing cards or simply kicking back in bed watching a Disney Channel marathon.

X & Dad strike a snow pose

X & Dad strike a snow pose

Getting tatted up back at the hotel

Getting tatted up back at the hotel


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  1. Read and love every post-what wonderful parents you are!!!!!

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