Pizza for the People

Deciding on toppings at Pizza Rev

Deciding on toppings at Pizza Rev

     You’re in the mood for pizza but you’re not into sitting down at CPK or Pitfire. At the same time, neither are you feeling a quick pie from Papa John’s, Pizza Hut or even Costco. For the uninitiated, there’s a pizza revolution that is carving out its own piece of the pie: the craft-your-own pizza places that are popping up around L.A.

     We’ve been frequent visitors to El Segundo’s Pizza Rev (as in Revolution) and Culver City’s Blaze Pizza  (there’s also Pieology and 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria), where you start by choosing a dough (original or gluten free), then sauce (red or white), cheese, a variety of toppings, and so on down the assembly line until you deem your pizza customized to your liking. Then it’s popped into a 900-degree stone oven for just under three minutes and plated or boxed to go.

Craft-your-own pizzas at home

Craft-your-own pizzas at home

      Finish off the 11-inch pie with basil oil, pepper flake or grated parmesan and you’re good to go with a personal pizza that’s much better than the average chain and just as fancy as the other end of the pizza scale (the thin crust is the best).

     It would seem that these places have inspired Miss A & Mr. X, who have become quite the little build-your-own pizza chefs in their own kitchen at home.


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