Fondue Fun

Fondue1What better way to express your love for your family on Valentine’s Day than serving up some melted cheese over a sterno flame? Oui indeed, I busted out our fondue pot and introduced the kiddies to the timeless French classic. Fondue? More like Fun-due!

Fondue2Considering the tapas kinda family the Lippmans are, I knew this idea would be a home run so I grilled up some ribeye steak and cocktail franks, roasted some fingerlings, cut up a baguette and threw some brussels sprouts into the mix and voila — the dipping items were good to go. For the fondue recipe, I went with a mixture of gruyere, emmental swiss, apple cider and shallots.

After a brief demonstration, everyone chose a fondue fork and went to town (or should I say “ville”!) The joke when T, A & X try something new and love it is to exclaim, “Oh no we’re not interested in having that again.”

Plus, s’il vous plait…..


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