Yes We Have No Bananas!

“Welcome to The Fancy Banana B&B and here is our menu, sir,” said Troy handing over a hand-written sheet of paper with their breakfast offerings.

Eager to take our orders, Miss A moved closer to our bed with pad and pencil in hand while Mr. X asked how we were doing this fine Sunday morning. About to be served breakfast in bed, we’d have to say very well, we replied. With the entire family’s interest in things culinary, playing restaurant with real food came as no surprise.

A few minutes after running our ticket back to the kitchen, Miss A appeared with some regretful news: “I’m so sorry, we don’t seem to have any bananas but we do have Cuties so will that be okay?”

(Note to kiddies: before picking the name of your restaurant, be sure you are fully stocked with the namesake item).

No worries, I told her, suggesting a restaurant name change to The Crazy Clementine. Smiling, she headed back to the kitchen to check on our food. Moments later, Xander appeared with our Nespressos and Troy set down this appetizing tray:


Toasted flatbread & butter, mandarin wedges and havarti for me and a fruit salad for Irene



2 responses

  1. That was wonderfull, for all that attention they need a reward.

  2. Best entry, yet, Darrel! Those kids are SO FREAKIN’ ADORABLE!!!!!

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