Guest Blogger: Miss A’s Disney Adventure

Frozen Singalong

By Miss Athena
4th Grader

I loved the Disney World trip me and my family went on. The first ride we chose was “It’s a Small World.” It was very interesting. I loved all the rides there.

We went on “Splash Mountain.” The drop on that was really scary. We also rode “Space Mountain,” “Big Thunder Mountain Railroad,” “Tomorrowland Speedway,” “Haunted Mansion,” and the “Astro Orbiter” rocket ride, which made me quite dizzy. Oh and who can forget the new “Seven Dwarfs Mine Train” — it always had a really long wait but it was great.

We also visited “Tom Sawyer’s Island” and “The Jungle Cruise,” which was very relaxing. We went to Adventureland and climbed the “Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.” In Fantasyland, we checked out “Under the Sea with Ariel” and in Tomorrowland, the “Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor” comedy show was funny. I got on the big screen as the character of Boo, the little girl from the movie. It was really cool.

We stayed in the Disney Dolphin Hotel for four nights. My grandparents from Florida came up to stay in the hotel with us and we had so much fun. One day we went to Disney Hollywood Studios. We went on this awesome ride there called the “Rock’n’ Roll Rollercoaster.” It went backwards and upside down. It was really cool. We went on so many rides I can’t even count.

I had so much fun on all the rides at Disney World. I wish I could have stayed there for a longer time. I liked that we went to Disney Hollywood Studios one day and the Magic Kingdom for two days.

I also had fun because I was with my family.


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  1. Amazing website I love it a lot. See you at school Athena!!!

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