Delicious Deluca

Pizza Bones

Pizza Bones

This is what you would call one of your quaint neighborhood gems. Located in Downtown El Segundo, Deluca Trattoria served up excellent Italian food while my colleague Brian Simon played covers on the piano during one of his ongoing Saturday night gigs.

Brian on keys

Brian on keys

The kiddies felt like VIPs from the moment we were shown to our table with the “Reserved” sign on it to our Shirley Temple and Sangiovese toast that kicked off the meal. Kids’ pasta dishes were great (and why wouldn’t they be? Pasta is right in the restaurant’s web address: – pesto/pine nut for Xander and meatballs and spaghetti for Troy and Athena. I ordered the Frutti de Mare pizza that had big helpings of scallops, calamari and grilled shrimp. Awesome (mom was at a school fundraiser). But I was only able to eat half of it after going with an off-menu app that Brian had recommended called Pizza Bones – a homemade breadstick bursting with garlic and parmesan served with a terrific, slightly spicy tomato sauce for dipping.

For dessert, we shared the Cannoli Alla Taormina – those mini rolled pastries stuffed with ricotta, dark chocolate and orange-peel cream.

Authentic Italian doesn’t get any better than this, especially with Brian’s live music complementing in the background with crowd pleasers from Coldplay, U2, Joe Jackson and more…


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  1. Hi Papa, this place was delicious and I love your blog!

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