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Guest Blogger: Cheese Please!

Cheese tasting

By Troy Lippman, 6th Grader

We recently had a cheese tasting day in my French class at the end of our food unit, where we learned some of the basic/common French foods. We tried six cheeses: Comte, Emmental, Bucheron, Roquefort, Brie and Camembert. There were also sides including bread, grapes and apple cider. My personal favorite was the Comte because it was delicious and had a delicate taste. I really enjoyed all of the cheeses except for the Roquefort because it was very smelly and the taste was pungent (we rated all the cheeses on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the best).

Overall it was great tasting cheeses I wasn’t familiar with and had lots of fun doing it. I recommend it for all families out there – you will have a lot of fun too! In fact, I had a cheese tasting party with my family on Valentine’s Day because they loved the story I told them about the one in my class and how I had so much fun with it.

Viva la fromage!


Pic(s) of the Week: Super Bowl Snackadium

Top: The Lippmans’ first-ever “Snackadium” creation for the big game: guacamole field with sour cream yardlines, queso dip & salsa end zones and mini Slim Jim goal posts fashioned together with toothpicks — surrounded by bite-size salami & cheese on a baguette, a trio of veggies and assorted chips (in football-shaped bowls, of course, and raised up with foam building blocks for that stadium seating effect!)…And since most venues seem to have corporate sponsors these days, we made In ‘N Out Burger ours.

Middle: Field view close-up

Bottom: Aerial view from the Goodyear iPhone