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Welcome to my blog, Life x 5.

Life “times” 5. In essence, my life multiplied by 5: me, my wife, Irene, and three amazing kids, Troy (11), Athena (8), and Xander (7). We tend to ponder and write about what we know and as a journalist for more than 25 years, I can certainly subscribe to that theory.

The name “Life x 5” just came to me (like most ideas to most people?), it sounded good and the possibilities seemed endless so I ran with it.

Please enjoy all posts and I encourage everyone to leave comments!



3 responses

  1. Great blog Darrel! Awesome writing and love the pix!

  2. I absolutely love it, Spike! When I opened the link on my iPad and saw the pic of the five of you holding hands, I cried! Yes, your sister is a dork! It’s a great read and I can’t wait to show Mommee and Daddee! Such a dynamic writer, you are…..Who would’ve thought that it all started with an obituary and a health check……LOL!!!! Keep doing what you do…..I love you and miss you and the family!!!

  3. jessica barrass | Reply

    This is awesome! I am a teacher, and I too need to take a cue from the little ones and force myself to switch gears like they do. #wordsofwisdom I completely agree with you. Sometimes you just have to say “They’re kids!! But how can I be more like them?!” You and Irene are wonderful people, parents, and partners! ppp! 🙂 miss you all! kisses and hugs all night from me to them!

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