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Pic(s) of the Week: Bugged Out

Mowing the lawn this past weekend turned into a National Geographic creepy-crawler photo shoot. Taken on my iPhone7, these pix show a variety of insects that we corralled, starting with a two-inch black beetle, which we decided to drop into a plastic flower pot liner with a caterpillar and some potato bugs, and then the final shot showing the grisly demise of the grub, whom the beetle was obviously merely sizing up in the second photo.



Happy as Clams Over New Pet

“I think Clammy had a baby!” exclaimed Athena, examining some pebbled-sized grains of sand in the water.

Over the Labor Day holiday weekend Miss A found an unusually large clam at the beach and brought it home. It wasn’t your cartoon variety clam with the wavy shell but a tad larger than a decent-sized Clams Casino style clam, with brown stripes on its shell, and you know kids – “Can we take it home?”

clam-shellsSo we transferred the mollusk from a plastic bucket to a bigger plastic abode and when it stuck out what looked like a tongue (actually its “foot”) Clammy appeared as if it might actually be more entertaining than a pet rock. It even burrowed itself into the sand and spouted air bubbles. Proving itself to be a potentially worthy pet, we bought the newly acquired shellfish a small electric aerator and liquid plankton to enhance its quality of life — even going so far as trekking back to the beach the next day to get fresh seawater.

Hmmm, I thought, maybe that small dog the kiddies have been on us for lately would be easier (and no doubt cuter) to care for.

But I like that T, A & X aren’t traditional pet-owners. In the recent past, there’s been a shoebox with a caterpillar and they currently have two goldfish, a turtle named Crush and now Clammy (perhaps their choices are a a result of too much Spongebob?!).

Economically speaking, feeding time is much lighter on the checkbook – just a leaf here and a canister of fish flakes there. And maintenance is definitely less of a chore. Which reminds me, those little pellet-like droppings surrounding Clammy weren’t baby clams…