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Pic(s) of the Week: ‘Net Worthy

It may have been their first basketball lesson but you could never tell by the form exhibited on the boys’ layups. Our mini-clinic included dribbling practice, passing drills and honing the bank shot. Brought back memories of my childhood days on the backyard half-court asphault, where my own dad used to light it up with his deadly 3 pointers….

X BballTroy Bball


See the #fireworks I created by blogging on #WordPressDotCom. My 2013 annual report.

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Pic(s) of the Week: Day at The Getty

Getty view_backs


Pic_2014The cousins spent a recent day during the holidays exploring the grounds and awesome views at The Getty. After a picnic lunch, they hit the family-oriented interactive space, where they romped around five coves, made masks and relaxed on a luxurious bed just like little
18th-century French aristocrats! (OK, make that Jewish/Spanish/Irish aristocrats!)